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How A Trust Can Fit Into Your Estate Plan

Putting an estate through probate can be an expensive and time-consuming process, costing your family time and money and making things more difficult during an emotionally grueling time. At Ambrogi Law Office, we help people in Manchester, New Hampshire, minimize this anguish for their loved ones through trust planning.

Get Clear Answers To Your Trust Questions

As with other parts of estate planning, trust planning requires technical knowledge of how trusts work — and what they cannot do. As estate planning attorneys with decades of combined experience, we will break down your options for you using clear language. With the help of one our lawyers, it will be easy for you to decide who should act as trustee, and how you want to handle transferring your assets to your children or other beneficiaries.

Trusts Are For Everyone

It is a myth that trusts are only for wealthier people. Using a trust to avoid probate is a good plan for many people, regardless of the size of their estate. Let us answer your questions about trust planning, so that you will know what type of trust is right for you.

What Is A Revocable Trust?

For many people going through estate planning, the revocable trust is an excellent option for avoiding probate as much as possible. As the trustee, you can place valuable assets like real estate and your 401(k) account into the trust. During your life, you control what goes into and comes out of the trust. You can continue to enjoy the use of these assets during your life, while protecting them from probate and estate taxes when the time comes to pass them on to your children.

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