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Reliable Advice For Probate And Guardianships

As an executor of a loved one’s estate, you naturally want to show suitable respect to his or her legacy by properly guiding his or her estate through probate court. But trying to do it on your own, without the guidance of an experienced attorney, puts you at risk of making a mistake that delays distribution of the estate, and costs more money than it should.

For efficient, sensitive and personalized probate representation, contact Ambrogi Law Office. We serve clients throughout Manchester with more than 25 years of total experience practicing probate law.

Untangling The Knots Of Estate Administration

In New Hampshire, estate administration is highly technical. State law requires that documents be filed within a strict time frame and order. In return, the court issues a great many documents with confusing language. As your attorneys, we will take the confusion out of estate administration and probate, and ensure that everything goes as quickly as possible.

Call Us For Help With Guardianship Disputes

If an aging person becomes mentally incapacitated, family members may need to seek a guardianship to take over managing the person’s health care and medical decisions. This can be a difficult process for everyone involved, especially if the allegedly incompetent person is contesting the guardianship. Our law firm represents parties to a guardianship case with sensitivity to the family dynamics involved in your case, to help you use the law in the best interests of your family.

Free Consultations

To discuss your estate administration or guardianship matter with one of our lawyers, call Ambrogi Law Office at 603-421-6434 or email us to schedule an appointment.