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No-Nonsense Estate Planning Advice

Some people in New Hampshire make the mistake of believing they do not need an estate plan until they reach a certain level of wealth. The fact is, estate planning is a wise decision for every adult. Regardless of how old you are, and what assets you have, you owe it to yourself and your family to create a plan with the help of the trusted attorneys of Ambrogi Law Office. We have decades of experience in estate planning, and will help you build the right plan for you.

Beyond Wills And Trusts

The will is the foundation of almost every estate plan, but there are several other documents available to help you protect your rights and your money, and maximize the amount you pass on to your loved ones. Among the documents we will advise you on, there are:

  • Trusts for avoiding probate and tax planning
  • Financial powers of attorney to appoint someone you trust to handle your assets if you are ever unable to do so personally
  • Health care directives to act as your voice in important medical decisions if you cannot due to injury or illness

These and other estate planning documents can be highly technical, and trying to make or amend your estate plan on your own can lead to costly mistakes. To save time and money, contact us. We will listen closely to you, and recommend an estate plan that comprehensively covers you and your family.

Call Our Office For An Appointment

For a no obligation initial consultation with one of our estate planning lawyers, please call our Manchester office at 603-421-6434 or send us an email via our Contact page.

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