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How can you choose an executor that benefits you?

When you think about where you want your assets to go after you die, you may also worry about choosing someone to talk to your beneficiaries and pay creditors.

Part of crafting an estate plan is picking someone you trust to handle these important tasks.

Think about who is willing

According to Kiplinger, although some people you have in mind may fit the role, choosing someone who is willing and interested in this job is crucial. An executor is responsible for many tasks, some of which require them to talk to the courts and meet important deadlines.

If the person you pick does not regularly pay attention to dates and tends to forget details, this choice may not work well as your executor.

Compare how they act around family

Staying respectful and calm while discussing sensitive subjects like heirlooms and inheritances is another important element of being an executor. If this person does not get along with your family or beneficiaries, it could be hard for them to cooperate while going through probate.

Consider how they use money

When deciding who would work best as your executor, which is a role that requires someone to pay your debts with money from your estate, consider how they spend money. One positive indication is an executor who is responsible with their own income.

This person does not need a lot of previous knowledge about accounting or financial topics in order to do a good job. Picking an executor may seem intimidating at first, but finding someone who is willing to complete the role and pay attention to details can help.